Transact Roadmap

It’s More Than Technology

Soverain’s engineering team works directly with our customers to create a compelling online shopping experience while reinforcing our customers’ solutions, growing revenue, and encouraging customer loyalty. Transact engineers work with customers wanting to build value beyond Transact’s core technology and features – enabling merchants to innovatively extend their services and offerings.

Transact 8.0

Transact 8 delivers functionality to meet the merchant's need to standardize against the PCI dataset; PCI enhancements to meet regulatory agencies' emphasis on PCI compliance; 3-D Secure functionality fraud protection requirements being driven by merchants, customers, and regulatory agencies alike; and support for Solaris 10, Oracle 11g, and Sun Java Web Server 7.0.

Enhanced fraud detection and prevention includes: anti-fraud tools such as merchant-customizable black lists and white list security elements; fraud velocity check mechanisms for both amount and volume thresholds; and email fraud notifications to Administrators and Merchants.

Targeted PCI implementation includes: 90-day user password expiration; password requirement to include both numeric and alphabetic characters; exclusion of repeated passwords; locking of user accounts after repeated invalid login attempts; automatic user account unlock; and administrator ability to unlock locked user accounta manually.

Increased 3-D Secure Functionality includes: 3-D Secure non-mandatory list support; merchants can mandate 3-D Secure authentication for buyers; “Proceed to authorization in case of network failure” made implicit; and display of 3-D Secure authentication results in the Smart Receipt.

Advanced performance features include: SQL optimization of user authorization while accessing protected digital content; expanded “Find Orders” and Smart-Receipt functionality; search for orders placed using the given last 4 digits card number in “Find Orders” interface; search facility to retrieve failed orders in “Find Orders” interface; and “Show Order” failure status in the merchant view of the Smart-Receipt.

Transact 7.2

Transact 7.2 delivers tighter integration with MasterCard SecureCode technology as well as 3-D Secure configuration enhancements. Merchant plug-in (MPI) and Access Control Server (ACS) simulators significantly reduce deployment time for 3-D Secure integration. These simulators enable functional and performance verification of the merchant setup prior to the merchant undertaking setup tests in the Visa PIT and Master Card Valfac test environments.

Support for store level configurable default VisaNet ECI and MasterCard SLI values as well as functionality enabling merchants to implement complex business logic in their applications is provided in a customizable 3-D Secure user interface. In recognition of the global marketplace, the 3-D Secure user interface is internationalized, reflecting the store configured language.

Maroc Telecommerce,, a Commerce Service Provider, operates its significant merchant community – including, Air Arabia, Air France, Diar Argan, and Royal Air Maroc - using a single Transact 7.2 implementation. Read the Maroc Telecommerce Success Story to better understand what Transact can do for your business.

Transact 7.0

Transact 7 security enhancements include support of online payment card transactions leveraging 3-D Secure standards. Transact 7 supports Visa's Verified by Visa and MasterCard's SecureCode technologies for ISO 8583 payment processors. Transact 7 utilizes the Arcot TransFort™ Merchant Plug-in (MPI) to provide the 3-D Secure functionality necessary for conducting secure ecommerce transactions.

Arcot Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of MPI software used at the merchant site and the Issuer site in support of the 3-D Secure protocol. Arcot’s TransFort MPI enables online merchants to integrate with authentication schemes supporting the 3-D Secure Protocol, including Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and JCB J/Secure.

Transact 6.5

Transact 6.5 provides web services for Soverain's SecureLink API. This release enables merchants to integrate the SecureLink API into client applications written in Java and other programming languages. Using SecureLink Web Services, software developers can develop customized stores and related services on heterogeneous platforms including Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Sun-Solaris and other UNIX operating systems. The SecureLink Web Services include: Buyer Profile Management, Order Entry Management, SecureLink Utilities, Multi-Item, and Commerce Utilities. These functions can be integrated – through the Internet – with any applications and products external to Transact and SecureLink.

Transact 6.0

Transact 6 features support for payment gateways and key operating, database and web server systems. Transact 6 includes enhancements critical to the ongoing high-performance of the centralized database, cross-store shopping cart, advanced payment subsystem, advanced tax calculation and digital offers and coupons. Customers using Transact 5.2 can extend their initial investment with a smooth upgrade to Transact 6 and beyond.