Soverain's Transact builds upon the legacy and vision of the Open Market founders, who incorporated the e-commerce industry best practices into a standard application. Rather than having to develop an infrastructure from an e-commerce toolkit, offering or bundle, Transact customers benefit from a full-featured, time-tested e-commerce system.

The Transact e-commerce system powers web retailing sites, turning a retailerís site into a commerce-enabled web store that enables merchants to market and merchandise products, process orders, and perform customer service. Transact's distributed architecture allows Transact to support multiple divisions, multiple lines of business - even multiple companies - with a single Transact server.

Industry Solutions

Transact is the ideal solution for industries seeking to support the entire Internet commerce cycle, with comprehensive order management, fulfillment, payment, customer service, and reporting features and allows businesses to offer physical and digital goods, pay-per-view, micro-transactions, and subscriptions.

Commerce Service Providers

The Transact Commerce Service Provider (CSP) program provides support for thousands of sellers simultaneously. Flexible settlement models and centralized security enable merchants to share a larger customer base.

Hosted Solution

Transact hosted by Soverain's managed services partners is a cost-effective alternative for deploying and supporting e-commerce, security, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions.